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The four and a half words that explain the eyeglasses arc.

What people like me fail to mention when we criticize Elly for being an insensitive clod who can't allow herself to believe that Liz isn't a horrible child plotting her family's financial ruin out of selfish wickedness and a desire to inflict pain on the mother she must hate (or else why would she do things that inconvenience or baffle her pooooor mother?) is the engine that drives the martyrdom that isn't the ridiculous belief that Elly is the victim of all victims surpassing all others. It's not enough to say that Elly is an ingrate living a dream life who refuses to admit it because that only explains part of what makes this arc terrible to behold. The angry question that Liz is hammered with that tells us why Elly will never forgive her is "Why don't you LISTEN?"

This is because despite being a very ignorant woman who has no idea how the world works and thus absolutely worthless as an advisor or confidant, Elly is certain that if only people would listen to the stream of irrational nonsense she pushes past her lips, their lives would be so much better and (this is the clincher) they would thank her for improving their lives by following her terrible and moronic advice and endless angry beefing about how they disappoint her. In this case, it's quite likely that Elly's idea of how to safely store eyeglasses so that they do not get lost would probably be something impractical such as "hand them over to the camp counselor" so that Liz looked like a moron who couldn't function without a mommy-substitute. That isn't something a kid is going to do. A kid is going to be a kid no matter how loud and long Elly shouts and moans.
Tags: elly on her cross

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