dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On not-actually-all-that-common sense.

As an addendum to the last entry, it should also be noted that Elly almost never quite manages to understand how lacking in basic common sense her children are because it was never modelled when it counted. A normal person who's seen people behave normally would probably have thought "she must mean to put my glasses in their case, put that case in my backpack and put that backpack where it isn't going to get damaged" but since Liz grew up watching Elly blunder her way through life like the imbecile she is, she also has no real idea how to do anything right.

Trying to explain this to Elly is a non-starter. This is why she eventually spouts crap about April toppling into rivers: she doesn't want to admit that her child is kind of stupid really and it's because she grew up thinking that being inept, clueless and dull is normal and good. To do so would mean admitting that she's a dullard blighting the world with a new generation of knuckle-dragging simpletons.
Tags: elly patterson: walking psa for eugenics

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