dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Martha and the desert of the unreal....by which I mean "Mike's brain."

As you know, the last great big arc before Elly spends the rest of the strip bellowing her damned head off about how having a child in her forties has destroyed her last chance of happiness and fulfilment is the one in which Mike misunderstands what Martha means when she proposes that the two of them go out on a boat ride. Since he's an imbecile whose brain is made up of television imagery because a cathode-ray tube is the only real parent he has, he assumes that he's going to be able to sneak off while Daddy isn't looking and score. Since his reaction to the intrusion of reality on his fantasies is to be a peevish little prat whining about injustice, he alternates between sulking and panicking when something obvious to anyone with the functioning brain he ain't got becomes obvious and it's all about her showing off "That Boy" to her parents and older brother for approval.

Leaving aside the fact that it never occurs to the walking Porta-John fire to reciprocate so that Elly can get to know Martha, it becomes rather obvious that what most angers and confuses Mike is that she insists on a "nasty" habit that he can only explain as being inspired by malice and a need to see him in pain: being the person she actually is instead of the fantasy girl he needs her to be. A real person has needs he is too fucking selfish and immature to meet. A real person has a will of her own and cannot gush with contentment as he fucks up their lives being a dirt-slurping moron who's too lazy and chicken-shit to make a decision. A real person would leave his dumb ass. Good thing that he married a woman with no self-respect who's happy to make herself a fictional character because she wants to cut off her nose to spite her mother.
Tags: mike versus martha

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