dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Mike, Deanna and the poorly-disguised pilot

A lot of the time, you see episodes of a television program that are quite obviously pilot episodes for a spin-off. I remember at least two episodes of 'All in the Family' that were obviously meant to test the waters and see if the series that would follow later ('Maude' and 'The Jeffersons') could sustain an audience. The list goes on and on. The recent over-focus on the Pattersons Redux and the strange artwork has led howtheduck to suspect the same thing may be happening in the pages of 'For Better or For Worse'. If this is the case, the wedding of Liz and Anthony this August is more or less when the new strip will be launched. In the pages of FBoFW, we'll see Elly lost in her reminiscences. In the new one, the Patterson saga will continue with a new creative team and name. That being said, what I've called the Declining Years may be renamed the Transition Years.
Tags: the shape of foobs to come

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