dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On Elly's motorpsychosis.

One of the odder things that happens during the pregnancy arc is Mike making the very stupid mistake of stating admiration for motorcycles in his mother's presence. Anyone with a brain in his head would remember that his mother is terrified of the blasted things because they are noisy (because the engine is not encased in a metal carapace that protects her from having to remember how loud and powerful the one in her land yacht is and how ridiculously fast she actually travels), dangerous (because the rider is not encased in a metal carapace that protects him from boat-footed nitwits like Elly who forget how much power she has at her command and thus forces her to pay attention) and impractical (because it cannot be used to ferry children, groceries or lumber).

What he should also remember is that his mother is very, VERY conventional and therefore very likely to profile the sort of person who uses a motorbike. One must remember that Elly lives and dies for the good opinion of others despite the evidence of her senses telling her that no one appears to either rely on her especially much or care all that much about what she and her family get up to. Merely because she thinks like Little Iodine's mother does not magically conjure up a selection of quality women with the power to bind and loose but you can't tell her that. Anything that scares her is automatically far worse in her eyes than in reality so she can really enjoy being needlessly terrified. Motorcycles are dangerous, it's true but not nearly as terrifying as she wants to believe.
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