dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

No sex please, we're Foobish.

An irritanting trend in this strip is the smug defense of the narrow-minded provincial values our author grew up with. She seems to believe they're the sovereign cure for mankind's ills, when in fact they retard the progress of civilisation and human freedom. The first of these antiquated values is the dread of sex. This manifests itself in the bungling attempts her oldest children had at having pre-marital sex. Let's start with her favorite and you'll see what I mean. The Noble Sufferer might had had the rare off-color thought about his SO of the time, but always cooled his jets because the Elly in his head kept spouting off 'Are you gonna respect her?'. Michael's sole attempt at Operation Get-me-some had to spurred on by his girlfriend and was interrupted by the police. Now, in this situation you and I would sympathize with Mike and the girl, right. I mean, the cops have got to have better things to do than stop the unauthorized contact between jeans and tartan mini-skirt. But then, you and I are not Lynn. Who cares if creeps are pushing heroin to sixth-graders? Let that drunk clout his wife and kids on the head with a tire iron. Don't bother with those car-jackers, Officer Bob! You gotta stop Justin and Megan from 'going roadside' (to use her laughable euphemism) or society will collapse!! The sad thing is that Michael was probably grateful he stopped in time. I'm pretty sure his first time was on his honeymoon. At least he has one thing in common with Elizabeth. I mean she talks a good game, but let's face it: if she doesn't get married, she'll die a virgin. The bizarre over-emphasis on pre-marital carnal forebearance even reaches into April's life. The main grievance she and her bandmates have aganist ex-member Rebecca is not her decision to leave, but that her hymen may no longer be intact. Granted, she had no business even thinking about doing the nasty with that lying jock and should be ashamed of herself, but it ain't Aypo's bidness, IS IT? Between Man and God is one thing, but civilized human beings need only concern themselves with other's sexual lives in case of physical or emotional harm.
Tags: foobs vs common decency

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