dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Beware The Dustball

The annoying thing about Mike's relationship woes is that they're all his fault and they're all due to his life-long tendency to drift off to Oz when the conversation is not about him. He's a terrible student because he can't be asked to listen to what Teacher says. He gets into trouble with Elly because no matter how loudly she shouts her demands, Dorko with the slicked-up hair can't be asked to listen to any conversation that isn't about him. He's a horrible boyfriend because he cannot listen to a word Martha says because he is far too busy imagining her as the female lead in a Grade Z stinker soft-core Canadian porn film. This means that not only does he not know a thing about her social circle, she can tell him about her home life and he's standing around with eyes so glazed, I get hungry for doughnuts mentally undressing her.

This means that she's standing around looking baffled because he doesn't know that she has a big brother named Stan who doesn't think much of Mike and doesn't mind saying so. Leaving aside the fact that as always, he learns the wrong lesson from a painful experience, we end up living in a world where it should be so obvious to Martha that Mike doesn't listen that he let a whole human being slip through the crack in his brain pan. If she'd eaten her Wheaties that morning, she'd have realized that Mike doesn't get that Stan finds Mike a big disappointment because to hear Martha talk, her Twoo Wuv is a lot more impressive than the chunky, homely donkey with the sitcom hairstyle. If he can't figure out that he's been given a build-up job by his girlie, I don't really feel much sympathy for him when she dumps him a couple of years from now.
Tags: mike versus paying attention

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