dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Boom animé babes that make me think the wrong thing.....

For some unknown and irritating reason, media directed at unformed female minds delights in the image of the marriage-happy idiot girl lumbered with the nauseating obsession of not alienating the unlucky target of her fixation by being 'forward' by showing any signs of a personality or threatening him by having marketable job skills lest she die alone, forgotten and (worst of all) not be the centre of attention at a great big party that's all about how pretty she is. The idea that a wedding is the beginning of a life that must lived afterwards is seen as a threat to the Happily Ever After that must be ignored as long as possible and almost always leads to the person in question and her family trudging through a miserable life because she isn't actually prepared to function in the real world and won't admit that she charged head long down a blind alley.

The reason that I mention this is that it looks to me as if Lynn herself is such a person owing to her fixation with the idea of grade-school sweethearts building their whole life together when other, normal kids talk about cooties and how gross the opposite sex is. This can only mean one thing: when Fred MacRae is talking about courting Martha, he isn't joshing in order to mess with the head of a flavour of the month boy toy, he actually wants to know what Mike's career plans are. Lynn can't depict a world she never lived in so there is no such thing as a casual meet-up that goes nowhere because yes, Donny Osmond, it is only puppy love. Elly can't meet Martha because if she does, she has to shop for a matron of honour dress.
Tags: lynn fails everything forever.

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