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Those who go down to the lake in simmering passive-aggressive resentment.

It should come as no real surprise that someone as averse to socializing, noise and anything else that would intrude on her navel-gazing as Lynn isn't going to like sharing the big lake she used to live next to with boaters. It wouldn't matter if the person who intruded on the awareness of a fragile whackjob who finds having other people in her immediate field to be oppressive and maddening happened to be a kayaker quietly paddling past or a moron on a party boat blasting music at brain-splitting volume levels, Lynn's will to solitude turned them into lumpish vermin from Mordor come to sack the island in her brain.

We also have to remember that like a lot of timid people, Lynn is seething with resentments that she cannot share with the people actually aggrieving her if they can potentially fight back. What has always impressed me as being her exaggerated dread of being physically mangled for expressing a contrary viewpoint means that her family always had to guess what the "OH, Nothing!!!" that was bothering her happened to be. They would have remained in ignorance were in not for the strip telling them.

What this tells me is that at some point, Lynn had decided that she had quite enough of the boating community and decided to explain to them tat they couldn't bomb along at random and make her life worse with their noise boats any longer the only way she could: by writing a comic strip arc that lumped them all together as loutish dolts in the hope that they would read it and be shamed.
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