dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Lessons Not Learned Phase of the Strandening, Part The Last

It should come as no surprise that it doesn't take very long for Mike to sequester discomforting thoughts and facts and revert to living in a fantasy world wherein he's a smarter, cooler and more attentive boyfriend and any inconvenient personality traits Martha might have that diminish him by being as important to her as his are to him. This is because of the most annoying consistency in Patterson behaviour: a refusal to live in a reality that they are afraid will hurt them which marches in lock-step with a comically sinister inability to understand what the stakes are in any given situation.

Let us apply this to the stupid note protocol. As we know, Mike was too damned worried about being laughed at by four boys that he doesn't want to admit only tolerate him because he can be goaded into doing something entertainingly stupid. He assumes that if he is revealed to have said this and done that, everyone will laugh at him forever because he's kind of a dimbulb and also kind of immature and dorky. What he's not prepared for is the reality that is the normal person telling him "Wow. I used to think you were cool having a girlfriend but if you let her get away because of a dumb reason like that, I guess I was wrong." because he was raised specifically not to understand how normal human beings behave. It wasn't intentional, of course....just damned convenient for parents who want to make him into a sort of servant who caters to their whims in their dotage.
Tags: one big oblivious family

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