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Elly and four words.

 The interesting thing about Elly's exulting in the enforced absence of her teeming get is that she giddily comments that not having them in her immediate field of vision that four desirable things have returned to her: structure, freedom, peace and continuity. Let us examine what she means by those words and how they define her as an inattentive imbecile parent.

What she most likely means by saying that structure has returned to her life is that she doesn't see it as being especially fair that she has to devote most of her free time getting her kids out the door. She appears to want to live in a world of free-range children who don't bother her and don't require parenting and so on and so forth. Also, she wants to live in a sterile world wherein her tidy home does not show signs of occupation by parasite children who inflict their chaos on her structure. 

This leads us to what she means by peace: she is no longer brought out of her fantasy capsule of dithering and ineptitude by the incessant noise her children make. She also doesn't have to squander her mental capital having to pretend she cares about things that they too really know are meaningless and don't affect anything. She wants to live in a world wherein children are neither heard, seen or thought of.

This brings us to her screaming FREEDOM!!! like she's the demolitions expert in Team Fortress 2. We've known for the last forty years that Elly sees her children as cruel jailers who torture her with their noise, their toys and their demands on her time because they want to trap her in her home and keep her from making a meaningful contribution to the world. By this, of course, she means that she's a praise-hungry idiot who wants a ticker-tape parade for not killing them for chewing too loudly. The idea that despite people not doing cartwheels or building socialist-realism sized statues in her honour, being a parent is the most important thing she'll ever do baffles and angers her. If she doesn't have people fawning over her, what's the point?

Lastly, we have the most important word: continuity. This tells me that Elly doesn't want to live in a world where anything comes out of left field and pulls her out of the comfy rut she likes to live in. Mike having a girlfriend whose name she has to be told is a shock to the system she shouldn't have to anticipate. Then again, a four year old girl grabbing a curling iron that Mommy puts down is also a shock to the system that only cruel people ask her to anticipate. 

Summed up, they tell us who Elly is. She is a drone who hates it that other people decide what she gets to do, a fragile flower who can't deal with other people, a nitwit howling about the unfairness of having to toil in obscurity despite her wanting to consign everyone else to anonymity and a twerp who wants to live in a candyland wherein actions don't have negative consequences. Hardly a mother of the year, is she?

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