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On who things are for and why Pattersons fail to see that.

To continue on from the last entry, it is sort of obvious that Elly never quite managed to piece together who the fiftieth birthday party she wished to avoid having was actually for. Most people understand that a celebration is not about the person being celebrated but is instead about the people doing the celebrating. Elly's friends wished to get together and talk about how good it makes them feel that this person they like having around (God knows why) is still there. Thing is that Elly is as deaf to this as she is to admonitions to "Stop beefing about menopause, fool, because nowadays, you can live to complain!" for a rather irritating reason.

We get a hint to as what that reason is when Deanna-deanna-fat-as-a-pianna stood around moaning and groaning because her cruel mother wanted to take charge of her wedding when 'everyone' knows that a wedding should be about the people getting married, not the family and community who wish to wish them well. The same presumptuous blowhard who I KNOW is going to micromanage every detail of Meredith's wedding because she deserves to be allowed to show the world who she is (all the while shouting "that's the point of weddings now that I'm calling the shots, silly, of course I'm not a hypocrite, I'm a realist!") wishes to deny her mother the chance to organize said thing for the community because she's a vain nitwit who thinks a wedding is a biiiiig party that's all about her in her pretty dress....pretty much because she's an extension of the personality of a goony-bird who thought the same thing and decided to be married in Winnipeg in order to inflict maximum inconvenience on her own mother, any need for continuity in human affairs be damned.

Simply put, the Elly that resists having a birthday to make her friends happy is a glorified five year old who isn't grown up enough to see that she isn't the axis around which the world rotates.
Tags: one big oblivious family

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