dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Val Stone: is she John Patterson?

The interesting thing about Jan Eliot's Stone Soup is that while Val looks like a latter-day Elly in that she's kind of a frustrated mess who can't get along with her oldest daughter too well, what animates Val's need to 'rescue' Holly from being a child makes her a damned sight more like John. Every so often, we see broad hints that Valerie thinks that she is helping Holly by trying to force her to see that caring about cute clothes, cute boys, peer pressure, mean girls and other such things is a pointless hindrance to the good life "because I fell into that trap and look what it did to ME!!!!"

This will not work. It will work as well as her taking them to abandoned mining camps for summer vacation so as to make them see how great the simple life is will in that it is well-meaning but impractical, destructive and useless. By telling her that she's crazy and stupid to care about things she can do about, all Val is doing is poisoning her relationship with Holly. It might take years for her to see that this was a costly folly and only come about when she finally realizes why an adult Holly is pulling insane crap like that on her own child if it does.
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