dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

"We're happy it's you": Carol Enjo's unrequested candor excess.

As one could probably predict, Elly expected that people are going to feel as sorry for her about the 'calamity' of April's upcoming birth as she herself is. We saw that this was not the case when fellow self awareness-averse idiot Connie denied that she is a seething bundle of jealousy who came out of the gate envying Elly and wishing to have everything she does and Elly just could not understand why someone would envy her given that ever since she could remember, she's had the invincible belief that being her is the worst thing in the world.

This, as one could expect, tends to wear thin on those expected to stand around and wail about how unfair the life of someone who pretty much slept-walked her way into a dream life the average person would admittedly and enthusiastically envy is and how truly, she herself is the Champion Victim Of All Time. With one glaring exception, none of the people in her orbit have the nerve to tell her what a pain in the arse she's being because their means of doing so involves yelling and profanity. This is why Carol Enjo is a credit to the female cast for what she does next week: deliver a devastating put-down with a cheerful smile. This is why Elly is kind of wary of Carol: she speaks her mind too readily and knows who to sugarcoat her belief that Old Flapandhonk's leading exports are bugle oil and horse crap.
Tags: carol enjo: devil in plain sight

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