dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Obfuscation and Staged Clarification: Further hallmarks of the Declining Years.

I think we can all agree on one thing about the Settlepocalypse: Lynn isn't all that clear on what's going on. For months, we'd been stuck wth this question: "Have Anthony and Elizabeth decided to co-habit or was 'Let's go home' simply meant to mean they'd finally, after months of stalling, admitted to themselves they're a couple?" We didn't know because Lynn has gotten into the nasty habit of leaving out key details. If she were writing a Harlequin novel, she could keep her little secrets until the last chapter and get away with it. Since she's supposed to be training a surveillance cemarea on the Patterson family and showing us their lives, keeping things hidden sort of ruins things for the people who want to know what happens to the characters they've spent so much time watching. The Settlepocalypse isn't the only plotline whose waters have been needlessly muddied: the Housening and Jim's stroke were also made harder to follow than they had to be. This sort of mass confusion has been noted by Lynn's readership and come back to the creator herself. Her response is to give the critics unsubtle answers to their concerns. Not only was this week the set-up to the wedding this August, it gave the artist the opportunity to elbow her public in the ribs and haughtly say things like "See, Liz hasn't shacked up/ puts her job first/ has friends her age/ loves her cat". This fits her pattern of saying things like "See, the Pattersons haven't forgotten Jim and Iris/ don't treat April like dirt." and "See, the Patterspawn love each other." If she'd realized we don't know what she does and made things clearer to start with, she wouldn't have to keep going back and telling us things she'd left out.
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