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The clutter conundrum and inadmissible admissions.

The interesting thing about next Thursday's strip is that we preface a comment about how greedy and bad children are with Mike accusing everyone left, right and center of grabbing onto a Walkman that turned out to be lost in the morass created by his belief that a floor is a large, low-hanging shelf that someone not him must sort out if that someone actually really loved him best. Mike could admit that his life would be far easier if he were to do his chores because it would be easier to find what he wants or needs but that would go against a principle he's abided by ever since he overheard Mom say that while she loves him, she doesn't like him very much: "Never admit that Elly is right about anything where she might hear it lest she win."

This is because (as I have said far too many times before) Mike wants to bogart the victim mentality in the family and if Elly can be proven right about an issue, it's not because she knows a little more or is trying to help him in her own stupid, stumbling and self-serving way, it's because she wants to punish him for being able to do things she never was able to like laugh, smile or enjoy life (and, no, she wasn't a kid once herself, Uncle Phil said she came out of the womb angry and upset all the time). What's more, he would never play the sort of cruel and self-serving mindgames on his children....which is probably why if we were to look behind the curtain of the Pattersons of the late 2010s, we'd see Meredith grousing because somehow, Dad was actually right about something in order to mess up her life.
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