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The inadmissable known implicit in Liz's vision problems.

Having to remind ourselves that Lynn has a severe distaste for public gatherings in which she is not the center of attention leads to reminding myself that the closest thing we get to seeing what she was like as a child would have to be Elizabeth. While her mythos is that of a colorful figure who was the terror of the neighborhood, the reality is probably closer to what we see when we see Liz: a shy young child who didn't really know how to approach people and was kind of suspicious of them anyway because she had to get to know them as people. Lindy appears to have only really trusted those around her when she didn't have to remember a time before she knew them.

The reason that I mention this is that a lot of Liz's problems with people appear to be caused by her blurry vision. The reason Mike was such a problem was not just that he was and is a vain nitwit with a poor grasp on cause and effect, it had a lot to do with the fact that to her, he always seemed to come out of nowhere. Since he did that and he's a threat, everyone else who emerged from the fog must also have been a threat. This leads her to being a timid child who has to stand around far too long wondering if it's safe to talk to someone. Since Elly is kind of out of it, she never made the connection between Liz's needing glasses and Liz's fear of strangers. Must be what John means by calling her "one of them."
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