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On the naming of children, the 2020 edition.

One of the things that goes almost unmentioned during the current arc is John's reluctance as regards Elly's vague desire to give the new child a trendy name. John would rather give Baby Whatever something along the lines of Old Testament Name Elderly Relative Patterson because he is used to names formulated thusly and it didn't hurt him no how. What he loses sight of and would probably discount anyway is the fact that Mike doesn't actually like his first name. It irritates him no end that Mom and Dad simply decided to name him for some old guy he never met who's probably the same kind of stuffy old coot who had the ability to smile and have fun surgically removed that they are.

The reason that I mention this is that I remember a Letter From John from before Robin was born that had him chortle about how great it would be if Mike and Deanna were to name him something weird and ridiculous to make him stand out in a crowd. It might not have actually taken place but it is rather plausible given what we know of John. If his grandchildren were to be named Metric Ennui and Drone Mandible Patterson, the weird little kid in him would have an itch scratched and he would not have to answer to the parents and stuffy old relatives back in Manitoba whose judgement he fears more than life itself. Also, he could have all the fun of running around feeling wounded because CHEE!!, kids are sensitive for no reason!!
Tags: john - grinning weirdo

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