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John, Fiona and the Great Big Own-Goal.

One of the more irritating things about the current arc is Lynn's choice to make Elly more readily sympathetic by making her look like someone with anterograde amnesia and behave as if her pregnancy with April is her first rodeo. The obsessive need to get things right the third first time tends to make her lose focus on something that never seemed to matter in the first place: the emotional needs of the people she lives with. As we've seen, Liz is using the new baby as an excuse to cover up the old habits of inattentiveness, lack of focus and pea-brained, importuning stupidity.

What is less focused on is the fact that John's mid-life crisis has collided with having to be a father later in life than he'd expected and made things less fun. John isn't expected to want to have fun or enjoy life to any great extent. John is expected to meekly sign on to whatever stupid thing Elly might want and stumble on in a zombie-like state until he gets to finally achieve his well-earned reward of sweet, sweet Death. John is especially not allowed to remark on the fact that all he's done in life is trade what's making him miserable. This is because he comes equipped with a receptionist who, despite being seen by Elly as a potential threat to her marriage, sees herself as Elly's agent. Her refusal to trust her employer to stay faithful means that John is about to shoot off his mouth and make Jean into Marital Fidelity Cop looking for signs that he wants to duck out of the marriage.

This is accomplished by his being one of the key players in what Roger Ebert called "an idiot plot" because he makes an ambiguous comment about being rid of a crazy woman. Since Jean has a memory, she assumes (somewhat reasonably) that John is talking about Elly herself because of all the times John has (very reasonably) questioned Elly's sanity. The reason that it's the sort of idiot every-plot that animated every He'sThree's Company ever is that, as Ebert said, the whole thing would have been resolved properly if someone had said the right thing (like "I can't believe that you did that to poor Elly!!! I thought you were a good person!!") and thus deflected blame by turning her stupidity into John's untrustworthiness. What happens is that everyone will die never knowing what each other think. The reason that this is not a bigger problem is that crap like that goes on all of the time.
Tags: jean: john's office wife., john - grinning weirdo

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