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The fault Pattersons are generous to.

As we will eventually learn when Mike and Deanna channel the cowbirds from Pogo and displace John, Elly and April, the Pattersons have the irritating habit of being generous in such a fashion that they inconvenience themselves greatly because they tend to lack the courage to tell people who are in the way to get lost. In the real world, Mike would have been handed the want-ads and told to put on his big-boy pants. In the strip, we get family farm crap and yapping about princesses because Elly wants to not look like the bad guy to people who are screwing with her while not caring about what the victims of her generosity think.

That being said, the very interesting thing about the Fiona saga is that John does something here that he should do later on in life: he arranges matters so that the person disrupting Elly's life by being too vibrant a presence to co-exist with so that she leaves. Sure, his staff think that he ran away and chased something fluffy down a rabbit hole. Sure, he's still wondering why they give him the stink eye and why they mutter about how ill-used Elly is. Of course, Fiona gave them one last middle finger by blowing the deposit at the track.....but at least she is out of Elly's hair and being somewhere Elly wouldn't be seen going to.

The problem is that in the process, they set themselves up to be displaced because Idiot Mike had to sleep in the rec room for a couple of weeks like a weenie. It outraged him so much, he commandeered April's bedroom and shooed the people who made him into a peasant out of their homes.
Tags: fiona, the housening

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