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Why Molly and Gayle had to leave: Semi-Official.

Of course, the real reason that Molly and Gayle had to not be present after 1988 has a lot to do with Lynn's decision to casually and witlessly destroy Lawrence, Connie and Greg by not coming up with a Long-Lost Uncle Aesop to be outed. What had to happen is that Connie stood around squawking hysterically about Lawrence talking crazy because she saw her future plans of grandkids and proving herself to her parents dissolving like a child's sand castle. What had to happen was Greg taking the side of the woman he married instead of the boy he barely interacted with. The reason that I mention this is that Molly and Gayle could not be present for a very simple reason.....and it's not to speak for Lawrence. Being Lawrence's advocate is the simplistic explanation for their necessary absence. They could not be there because if they did, they would speak against a succubus-wife whose Chianti-red hair came out of a bottle.

This is because it's damned obvious that Greg's rescue fantasies had overridden trivial things like his common sense and common decency. He left Thunder Bay not just to 'save' his oldest daughter from a 'disciple of darkness' who most likely grew up to stump for Premier Ford in the last provincial election but also to make Hotpants happy by allowing her more access to her friend Elly. He kicked Lawrence to the curb not because he brought shame on the family but to keep Connie from freaking out.....which explained his craven apology to the boy once she calmed the Hell down and decided to be the better person by 'enduring her perverted disappointment of a son'. Had they been there, they would have reminded Greg that Connie keeps him from thinking straight and he might have started to do the smart thing instead of the keep Connie calm thing.
Tags: connie poirier, molly and gayle

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