dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Ape and the resentment-negligence complex.

As we all know, we were spending a lot of time last year marking time on the fact that Mike was posturing as the victim when confronted with the fact that being asked to consider Liz's feelings resulted in his going berserk with rage and the will to visit mayhem upon her for 'daring' to question his right to do or say whatever he feels like. Since the jerk is averse to the understanding that he has responsibilities to go along with all of the rights he arrogates to himself, it seems rather foolish of John and Elly to put someone as haplessly inept with children as Michael in charge of someone even less capable of defending herself than Liz is.

The reason that I mention this is that this is the first example of the negligent parenting in which Elly and John ignore or will away an active threat to April's safety because it's convenient. A smart person would hire a sitter but their lack of smarts makes them think that Mike would be glad to do something they should know he wouldn't. A smart person would remember having to bail the boy out but that would mean having to think and get worry lines so he's arrogated brains and stamina he ain't got. Since the child survived the night, the dummies appear to think that they can spend their lives ignoring active threats to her well-being and not be held accountable. The sad thing is not that they were very lucky and didn't learn from anything. The sad thing is that people defend their inaction.
Tags: john and elly fail parenting forever

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