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On the dangers of outfits and the fathers who oppose them.

The interesting thing about watching Elly make huffy comments about the scandalous outfits girls like Martha and April want to leave the house in is that she fails to learn the lesson she should from every time John tells Liz point blank "You aren't leaving the house dressed like that, young lady!!" when she wants to head out wearing the sort of abbreviated outfits that he approves of on girls he's not related to. I've told you why he's averse to remembering or considering the fact that the girls he undresses don't appreciate the favour but instead of talking about his not wanting to feel like the shameful lout he is, I'd like to talk about the blind-eyed moron Elly is.

This is because she talks about dangerous outfits and lacking the body and the language and simpers about boys who magically found reasons to break dates with her leaving her lost and sad and alone and heartsick and feeling as if she were never going to be married and blames all the wrong people. She blames the popular girls who didn't actually want her to die alone despite her belief otherwise. She blames the mother who always lacked faith in her because she didn't praise her for every little thing she ever did. She blamed evil conflict-causing men for designing clothes that flattered everyone but her because it's 'their' fault she mentally magnifies every fault she has to billboard size. Her ultimate failing as a person is that she did not blame the one person who deserved it: Jim Richards, Over-Protective Father.

Y'see, like a lot of English Canadians, Jim had a severe authoritarian streak to his personality. People like him are why French on cereal boxes used to be seen as a Papist plot to undermine the British Empire. People like him went berserk with glee when Trudeau The Elder declared martial law during the October Crisis. Greg is a people like him and moved from his home because his little girl was dating a CREATURE OF DARKNESS and not some boring non-entity who rebelled in unison with other drones who made tame noise about sticking it to the Man because the Man wanted to sell them AC/DC LPs. This means that it's damned obvious to me that anyone with the bad luck to trigger the right-wing loon father Elly idolizes was taken aside and threatened with mayhem if he didn't step off. John passed the test by being even more boring, bland and conventional than Jim himself was. Elly knows nothing of this and never will because she doesn't understand male behaviour and never shall.
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