dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Further dangers of outfits.

Of course, Elly's patented solution to the 'problem' of girls wearing dangerous outfits is to take the decision power away from them, their peers and the evil, conflict-causing men who design and sell them so as to block their power to distract boys. Thus we have her need to impose uniforms so that the only voice that a child can listen to is (naturally) her own or that of a trusted surrogate: a school teacher. With one glaring exception, Elly has a deep and abiding respect for the teachers who she feels almost duty-bound to apologize to.

Said exception is Liz's mentor and alleged role model, Miss Edwards. As we're about to see in about five months' time, it bothers Elly that Liz comes to this stranger with her problems when she's right there, ready to dispense what she sees as loving wisdom and what everyone else sees as more of her guano. Elly can't admit it but she is jealous of this woman and always will be. The reason that I mention this festering disdain for an interloper is that it feeds directly into why Elly is really at pains to disrupt the Mike/Martha pairing. Simply put, Elly would really love it if Mike were to marry someone who could be her clone so that hers is the only voice he listens to. Martha is an attractive package for (you guessed it) abandoning and rejecting her love. Everything else she is so much wind in sails.
Tags: elly versus common sense

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