dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly and the gossip machine.

As I've said before, April gets her angry refusal to admit to bitterly envying someone from her parents. John isn't against music as a career because someone left him for someone with the stamina to stick with music lessons and Elly doesn't see John's staff as a harem who yearn to wreck her marriage despite both being the case. The reason that I mention this is that what Elly doesn't know doesn't sustain, delight and reassure her. Said unknown known that should be known is that it's obvious as all Hell to me that the women Elly sees as a harem follow the lead of their mother hen Jean and despise John.

After all, Jean is little more than a walking sitcom cliché in that she's a sassy annoyance who lives to berate the man who signs her pay cheques. She started out thinking that her boss was a louse who'd cheat on a woman she saw as a put-upon and mistreated figure in a heart-beat and pretty much ended that way. Since she arranged his work environment to suit herself, it's quite likely that John's staff see him in the same dim light. Thus do we have the comic irony of Elly seeing the only people on Earth as she'd like to be seen as threats who seek her ruin. Were she to become aware that his staff and her co-workers loathed John beyond mortal comprehension, she would not know whether to be thrilled to have supporters or confused that they don't do what her fears tell her they should.
Tags: elly versus herself

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