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Friend or foe? Elly doesn't know.

What I find really interesting about this whole Gossip Machine arc is that it speaks to a wider problem with Elly. She never manages to realize that John's assistant and the co-workers of hers that Jean is somehow magically friends with no matter how improbable that would be unless Elly's life were a great deal more like Lynn's feel that she's being mistreated by a jerk husband for a reason that comes into play three years from now when her non-job gets the axe after provincial budget cuts force the library board to do more with less.

Since Elly wasn't paying attention to the big picture and didn't make the connection between political leaders talking up the need to not burden the next generation with crushing debt three or four decades in the long term with decisions being made in the present day, having to scratch for funding was seen as a baffling inconvenience that would have no effect on her:

and not as something that those around her were actively dreading:

because they were aware of something that they didn't know how to warn her about.

Since Elly wasn't really paying attention to the world around her, she didn't want to admit that it wasn't personal because she felt as if she'd been somehow betrayed by people who she'd judged should have done a better job of sticking up for her:

and assumed didn't like her enough anyway. We know that they see her as someone who doesn't have a lot going for her but her dummying up and assuming dark motives to people who tell her bad news blind her to the fact that Sue and Monique's regrets include "having to disappoint that poor woman with the horrible children and louse husband."

The reason that I mention this is that after she got let go, we only heard about her interacting with the librarians in those monthly letters from the characters that used to be a fixture and that only to do a cross-promotion with Lilliputs'. At no point does she ever really consider going back to the library because that's a place where she was 'defeated' by people who 'lacked faith in her'. What she would as soon never hear is them wishing that they could have kept her on but there was an arena to paint and a sewer to fix and so on and so forth because it would make her 'trauma' less horrifying no matter what Connie might say to soften the blow:

This confusion of "friend" with "someone who tells you something you want to hear" would lead directly into the most embarrassing betrayal of April ever: finding it hard to believe that Kortney was a lying thief threatening her child.
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