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On waiting for an audience.

The irritating thing about this week's exercise in martyrdom is that we are reminded that Elly can't quite wrap her head around how very little a two and a half month old child actually knows. We hit the ground running with her confusion that while the white noise generated by appliances is similar enough to the heartbeat April heard in the womb to lull her to sleep, the sharp noise of the phone woke her up. Eventually, she had to pull over to a rest area to nurse because the baby was being 'unreasonable' when she could have 'waited' until she got home. This is because Elly is not quite reasonable and always tends to assign whatever mental faculties and knowledge she might have to the people and pets she interacts with.

The reason that I mention this inability (or more properly 'refusal') to understand how little April knew back then and how she had no more idea of what she was doing to antagonize Elly than Farley ever does leads to a foolish thought on Elly's part: children don't really feel pain but lie in wait until she herself is within earshot to holler about something that they should 'know' isn't a problem. Many is the strip that a hurt child waits until she finds an adult to holler at for one stupid reason: Lynn has it in her head that parents and kids are locked in a life-or-death struggle for supremacy:

As we see above, Elly assumes that the tantrum Lizzie would have thrown anyway only happened because Anne was there because Lynn wants to assume that children do things that irritate parents as part of an agenda to ruin them. The idea that children can behave in an unlovely manner or screw up without wanting to make life worse is not someone as belligerent as Lynn can encompass.
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