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Vale, Vale, Valerie Stone.

As you know, I've often thought of Jan Eliot of Stone Soup as Lynn's slightly superior successor. Not only does she know the value of having to work towards a goal (as was evidenced by astonishing Lynn by casually telling her that it took her ten years to even get a contract in the first place and saying that's pretty much typical), she's not afraid to show us why Val Stone does what she does: she's a loving mother who wants her oldest child to avoid all the mistakes she made at that age so she doesn't end up like her who is doomed to failure because kids are born to fuck up.

The reason that I mention this is that she is about to be called the same sort of 'wimp' Bill Watterson is because she's doing much the same thing he did to trigger Lynn's "being a bit of a jerk' sense in that for personal reasons, she appears to have decided that she's said what she wanted to say about her characters and wrap up the Sunday-only strip so someone else can have a platform. She'd started last week by showing up and telling the characters that she was sorry but, hey, she had to let them go. Her facebook page has an image of Holly and Alix wondering what's next after they're told "Your little lives will go on and you'll have good days and bad but we just won't be looking at them" which leaves whatever denouement she had in mind up in the air.

Addendum: the strip for 21 June 2020 has her tell them why she's retiring, that Alix is the most fun to draw, that all of them are fragments of her personality and, yes, their lives will continue on but go unobserved. This delighted Valerie and Phil who'd always felt as if someone unseen were spying on them. The final five strips could be them wondering what their future holds or (as I hope) walking into an eternal sunny August weekend afternoon.
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