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Starring Mike Patterson as Errorprone The Stumbler.

The interesting thing about this Summer's transformation from Dirt Of The Earth Michael to The Delicate Genius is that over the years, Michael is required to take a series of moral stands that show us that he is a man of good character. The problem is that in the process, he's revealed to be a knuckle-dragging simpleton who appears to be missing key chromosomes. A typical example of Mike taking a stand for what's ring would fit nicely in the "What An Idiot" sub-section of TV Tropes. Case in point, the Divala incident.

Premise: Michael is sent by his employers to Japan to cover a fashion show staged by an up-and-coming Canadian designer.

You'd Expect: That Mike would realize that this is just another exercise in paying his dues by having to do a bit of a puff piece despite the delusions of grandeur that haunted him through journalism school and smile politely as a busy woman rattles off trite answers to banal questions from a kid she'll probably never meet again.

Instead: He gets on his high horse about being treated like a rung on a ladder when he's treated the way you'd expect him to be and expected to do what he's supposed to do even if it does make him a boring, ordinary person.

It gets worse: He's so angry at being 'marginalized', he writes an attack piece on this woman and ends up getting fired for not retracting it.

The problem is that Mike is also an Idiot Houdini in that there are no real consequences to his stupidity. It's revealed that he was right to do so and was promoted to a job he wasn't suited for. This becomes a recurring pattern: Mike does something unbelievably stupid that would result in his permanent humiliation and fails up.
Tags: mike patterson: universal idiot

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