dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

All we are saying is "Give hate a chance."

The interesting thing about watching Elly over the years is that it becomes almost immediately obvious that her favourite form of recreation is looking for reasons to dislike other people owing to the volatile temper she doesn't admit to having any more than she'll entertain the idea people have that she's highly strung. As by way of example, her festering hatred of Mira Sobinski appears to have been touched off mostly by feeling 'dictated to' and 'enmeshed in family politics' because she'd been asked to follow rules that put her in a lesser position than she desires to have. We know that Mira had every right to tell Elly what to wear, where to stand and everything because she was ramrod of that cattle drive but you can't tell Elly that. No matter what Mira does, she's 'in the way' because she insists on being present in her child's life when that's not convenient for Elly.

The fun thing is that Elly would gleefully deny that Mira makes her feel insecure and inadequate. I know this because the April who saw Becky's stealing everything from her as an inevitability because she's conventionally pretty denies that she's jealous, insecure and just plain cherry-picking when looking for an excuse to dislike her. What's more, it's kind of obvious that Mira probably thinks that Elly likes her because she simply stews in passive-aggressive resentment instead of confronting her like someone with a backbone might.
Tags: pattersons vs the world

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