dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John versus Elly's fear of Martha.

The interesting thing about Elly's non-stop dread that Mike gets too friendly with girls his age is that while he never says it in so many words, John doesn't seem to share it. When John talks about Martha at all, he usually uses phrases that indicate that he himself believes that Mike's problem isn't that he's too friendly with girls, it's that he's not friendly with enough girls.

This is mostly because John seems to believe that whatever Mike might claim to feel for Martha this week, he'll feel equally as strongly for someone else the week later because he sees teenage passions as being somewhat ephemeral....despite still wondering why he got dumped by someone named Patsy when he was the age Mike is now. Also, there is the belief that it doesn't pay dividends for boys to get the reputation of being sickeningly sweethearts too early; Mike should have a little black book full of potential dates if he wants to be a man's man.
Tags: elly versus martha

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