dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Exile Farm: Not Taken From Reality.

The interesting thing about Michael's upcoming trip to the farm is we've just learned that it has less basis in reality that Lynn implied it did. This is owing to her recent confession that a lot of why she doesn't like Fiona is that she had to spend a week working tables at her aunt Margaret's restaurant about fifty years ago or so. While I have no real doubt that most of the objections John raised might have come out of her mother's mouth, actual exposure to the working class types who frequented the place appear to have somehow traumatized Lynn to an extent and could explain her otherwise baffling dread of the world outside her cozy suburban redoubt.

This is why we have to watch Mike stand there being lectured to about reading between the lines and farm life while watching bored people try to liven up their dull lives by dressing up the pork steaks of the future. Not only must her week of 'slave labour' bring back a lot of bad memories, her need to make Elly the most exciting character makes it mandatory that Mike not be exposed to colourful billiard hall patrons lest he outshine the Dullest Woman In The Whole Wide World.
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