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Lying to children for fun and profit: the 2020 edition.

As we know, Elly desperately needs to believe an idle promise Mike made six months ago without really thinking about it is an iron-clad promise because she believes that she's saving him from Martha and also himself. We also know that John's primary objective is to enjoy peace and quiet so the best way to achieve that is to follow along so he doesn't spend the dog days of summer listening to Elly foaming at the mouth about that girl and what Mike is doing with her. This means that he was never actually going to let Mike take any sort of job that kept him in town despite saying that he would. This is one of the first examples of a parent flat-out lying to a child in order to keep him or her from raising a stink about a fait accompli.

The reason that I mention this is that when this happens, it usually happens to April. The first instance that comes to mind is that instead of being honest with her and saying "Look, honey, this isn't personal and it's not that we don't like you but we're people too and we want some time to just ourselves", Elly lied about how boring their vacation would be. What Elly didn't realize is that April remembered this when she boasted about all of the cool stuff she did and probably still doesn't connect her lie with April damned near drowning. It's like how she doesn't get how talking about how great it is that she's separating Mike and Martha led to his resenting her for a long time.

The second instance was, of course, the Housening when John only thought that he'd managed to fool April into thinking that a done deal was just his floating an idea. He too is still oblivious to the fact that he didn't fool her one bit. It's why he also doesn't realize why Liz objected to the retainer he stuck in her mouth to break her of the habit of sucking her thumb: having seen them lie like sons of bitches, it was hard for her to trust her parents.
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