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From Halloween costumes to girls with dangerous body language: a study in mistrust.

One of the most irritating things about Lynn's endless shilling of Anthony is her cheery comment about how mothers know better than their own children who they should marry. This is because the strip is a sort of flypaper for insecure control freak parents who need to be right all the time. The reason that I mention this is that for Elly to be right about everything, it only stands to reason that the children are always wrong and choose badly left to their own devices. One of the most gratuitously silly episodes was six years back when Mike decided on his own to join his friends in dressing like a punk rocker for Halloween instead of wearing the cute costume Elly wanted him to wear. As we know, the real reason she got all angry is that she thought that rejecting her ideas meant rejecting her but she can't allow herself to admit to being that insecure. In order to avoid that horrible realization, she concocted an insane scenario in which Mike decided to turn his back on love and kindness and get in trouble with the police because children, well, they always choose the most catastrophic thing, don't they?

This, I should think, leads us directly to one of the most pressing reasons for her refusal to see Martha as anything other than a threat to Mike's happiness and well-being. We know that she views their relationship through the distorting prism of her first crush so assumes that eventually, Martha is going to crush his feelings. We know that she fears that they will engage in underage sex because Martha doesn't dress like a boy. We know that she sees every sign that Mike is growing up as proof that she herself is ageing before her time. What Deanna and Anthony teach us is that she thinks that she knows better than Mike does who he should date and since he decided on Martha, there must be something wrong with her somewhere because Mike cannot be allowed to think for himself because he's bad at it.
Tags: elly patterson: moron parent, elly patterson: universal imbecile., elly versus martha

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