dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Out of sight, out of (her) mind.

It seems to me that howtheduck is on to something when he says that the real reason Elly is actively pushing the "Mike and Martha need a break from one another" agenda instead of passively hoping that a problem will go away on its own is that Martha started to come over to the Patterson house. What I see going on is part of a long-term trend that hampers Elly's effectiveness as a parent: a need to not think about what her children are doing, where they are doing it and who they are doing it with. Just as she mindlessly lets Farley roam the countryside unsupervised, she's in her happy place when she doesn't have to speculate as to what her children are up to.

Given the look of the near-omnipresent panic on her face when she finds out what her children are doing or what Farley gets up to when she isn't looking at him, a person would be forgiven for assuming that in her mind's eye, she assumes that when she stops looking at someone, that person stops moving around and all is right with the world. If she has to see something, she's oppressed by the image of that something and it overwhelms her tiny little mind. If Martha were to somehow disappear from the equation, she could sink back into her beloved torpor and live in a happy world where Mike freezes in place when she isn't looking at him. The sad thing is that her son inherits her lack of imagination and is constantly surprised by the insistence of the odd half-people he made on invading his own fantasy capsule.
Tags: elly patterson: moron parent, one big oblivious family

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