dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Clothes make the tramp: a field-study in snobbery.

The interesting thing about Martha is that we're about to see why she's 'the wrong sort' by proxy soon enough. This is because September, Candace first appears in her role of "personification of the evils of peer pressure" when she says that simply everyone is wearing a designer sweatshirt. Given Elly's issues with control, she thus becomes an unwitting opponent of Elly and, by extension, all mothers everywhere. This is why she talks Dawn into getting a fade that she regrets. This is why she smokes to lose weight. This is why she herself dresses in hooker chic.

The reason that I mention this is that Lynn impresses me as being convinced that people ask for trouble when they dress a certain way. She even had Liz tell Candace to her face that dressing cheap was just asking for trouble. This is probably why the girl's backstory changed from youngest child in a big family to vulnerable child acting tough because her step-father is hitting on her. Most people would think that he's the bad guy here but most people aren't Lynn. My guess is that she thought that Candace brought that on herself. This is why she has Elly tell April that she looked like a pole dancer. This is why Martha is bad: she dresses 'cheap' so she must be 'cheap'.
Tags: curly c, elly versus martha

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