dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On Rhetta and pairing like with like.

Of course, Martha wasn't the only girl Mike was said to have spent far too much time with. In three years' time, Elly will be saying much the same thing about Rhetta Blum despite her actually speaking to her on a semi-regular basis. As it turns out, we eventually get a strip that has Elly thought-cry like so much Lucy Ricardo because Mike sends Rhetta multi-page letters while she's lucky to get a phone call once a week. Now, as it was with Martha, Elly can't actually admit that she's jealous of this girl so there has to be another reason that she's not suitable. The one she comes up with tends towards the specious because of what eventually happens.

This is because we get a bunch of noise about how Rhetta wanted to work in her family business and somehow tie Michael down and have him enmeshed in family politics and all of the other gibberish Pattersons make when they're dismissing someone as a potential romantic partner. This means that we get something of a rehash of the Martha situation because she refuses to wait for Mike to graduate and explores other options. This means that he can dismiss her with a clear conscience because he's looking for someone who's as passive as he is. Sadly, he finds one: Deanna.
Tags: elly versus rhetta, rhetta

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