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The Rise Of The Boomerang Girlfriends.

It occurs to me that Elly's refusal to actually speak to Martha has a hilarious consequence she'll never know about. This is because she'd never actually stopped to ask where it is that he met her in the first place. She'd first heard that he was interested in a girl whose name she did not know shortly after she'd returned from camp but it never occurred to her to ask anyone who it might be despite the fact that Liz would have gladly volunteered such information. When he made noise to John about games he understood after things went sour because of his stupid note protocol, she'd thought that the matter had ended and life could go back to normal because Mike would sooner eat a bucket of live scorpions than talk to her about anything going on in his life.

The reason that I mention this is that it's very likely that she still has no idea whence came Martha. We know that they met at the summer camp she sent him to because she's too big and important to play referee over the summer. We know that her refusal to finally sit Mike down and explain to him that beating the snot out of Lizzie was bad form led to the stupid fight that led her to impose a weird punishment. This means that we know that she'd more or less invited Martha into her life because she's a terrible parent. It also means that she's trying to shoo her out of her life by also being a terrible parent.

The interesting thing is that history would rhyme instead of repeat when her telling him to get a summer job at the grocery store led him to meet Rhetta. About the only person not part of his life due to her own actions happens to be the one she likes: Deanna.
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