dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

She's a crowd: Exile Farm and Liz's social life.

The irritating thing about having to watch what happens to Mike in the here and now is the realization that something a lot like it happens to Elizabeth five years from now. This is because yet again, Elly's inability to coexist with her children leads her to her middle child to Exile Farm because she wants to not listen to what she calls headache music. What happens is that yet again, Liz spends most of her time down at a farm house listening to lectures about wide skies and friendly neighbours and experiencing the armpit of a life that is that of the farmer. Reason: Danny doesn't like to go to town all that much because there's too much work and since Liz can't drive yet, she gets as stuck as Mike is.

The end result is that in her absence, Dawn starts to befriend Shawna-Marie and Liz can't handle that too well because she's got a severe case of arrested psychological development. The Dawn that befriends Shawna-Marie is a normal fifteen year old who thinks that there's safety in numbers. The Liz that can't hack that is a junped-up third grader saying that there can be only one friend. We are thus forced to Lady Aesop In Her Wheelchair reconcile Liz to the ways of multiple friendships because that's Miss Edwards' job: to do the parenting Elly can't.
Tags: dawn enjo, liz the jealous., liz: whining martyr

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