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The commonality refusal paradox.

The interesting thing about an upcoming strip is that it's one of the rare occasions when Lynn owns up to a bad habit the Pattersons have gotten into: refusing to admit that they're guilty of a lot of the things that they condemn other people for doing. Now, we know that Elly hates to admit that she has the same terrible table manners her children have because she thinks that she eats far less messily than she actually does so it's not a surprise that she can be dressed just as awfully as the people around her and still manage to laugh at all the people that certainly aren't as funny looking as she is. We see that again when they mock people who might as well be named Jim and Helen Peterson from Marlborough, Ohio for the way they dress when they look exactly the same.

The reason that I mention this is that most of the time this happens, it isn't supposed to. The example etched upon my mind is the boat trip Mike took last year. While I myself was thinking of Fredo Corleone when Martha's dad asked Mike what his intentions were, it became readily apparent that thanks to the miracle of the narcissism of minor differences, Martha's family was being reamed for being the wrong sort because they vary from the Pattersons in one or two minor things. Mr McRae is a smoker and Martha's seldom-seen or mentioned older brother is a Milborough Mutant so that makes them totally different from John and Mike....except for the fact that it actually doesn't. Mike might be confused by them but he's kind of as thick as paste most of the time so you can't go by his judgement, can you?
Tags: one big oblivious family

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