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Team Mean: the motives behind the Pattersons' hatred of Mira.

As we all know, the Pattersons' treatment of Mira Sobinski is what most reasonable people would call atrocious and cruel. It's horrible to see them all gang up on this woman for being 'pushy' when it's obvious that it means 'expecting to be treated in the way conventional society mandates she be treated'. We start, of course, with the Patterson wanna-be that started things in motion with Deanna's non-stop self-absorption and Elektra complex. Like a lot of stupid and infantile people, Deanna was under the misapprehension that a wedding ceremony was all about the pretty girl in the white dress. It angered her that society at large saw the mother she hates irrationally because she 'dares' to tell HER DADDY!!!!! what to do as being the person calling the shots when she was the one actually getting married. It was her good fortune that she ran into a group of assclowns eager to assist with Project: Jab Her Thumb In Her Mother's Eyes for their own horrible reasons.

For starters, we have Mike and his eternal hatred for anyone telling the most aimless person alive what to do, how to do it and when. It infuriates him that he's expected to live up to a certain standard because he 'knows' best how to live his life: in a puddle of his own filth waiting for other people to do things for him to prove that they love him.

We must also remember that he's the child of two yuppie pusbags who can only cooperate when they're in control. It still drives Elly to the point of madness that she was at someone else's beck and call because she's the same dimwit Deanna is: a daddy-obsessed pea-brain who hates her mother for a stupid and selfish reason: she too cannot live her life without someone standing over her barking orders to make sure things get done properly and she hates the person who dares give an incompetent her right name.

As for John, he also has his own problems with a woman telling him what to do: he's a macho pea-brain who sees women as order-takers, not order-givers. He's also something of a mama's boy but that's not really a contradiction, is it?

We also have an old fart saying that since he got shot at by the Boche, all other concerns are meaningless and a child who doesn't understand how false her family's values are and doesn't have a problem with envy. About the only one who doesn't look horrible is the one they didn't tell about the scam they're pulling because she's too stupid to shut her face.
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