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That which is worse than a crime.

As was said, the rancid cherry on top of Deanna's "Let's not tell Mother I'm already married" bullshit sundae is that we have no real idea how Mira would have actually reacted. The Deanna who can't get it through her thick skull that Mira knows that as a minority, she doesn't have the luxury of letting her children go slumming has no real God-damned idea in her head how her mother might actually have reacted to this knowledge. She only thinks that her mother would have pitched a fit and disavowed her because she probably doesn't understand what happened with her older sister. She doesn't realize that she'd probably have been told that while it was nice that she and Michael thought that they were honouring her parents' values, they still had to get married for real because the officiant wasn't a Catholic priest. Deanna has no clue that the argument stemmed from her older sister's insistence that she was married, damnit.

She also has no idea that she and the Pattersons had made Liz's life a mess by making her think that cohabitation was fine by John and Elly. We know better because we know that Elly was never actually going to say what she valued because people are magically supposed to know it. Since Liz can't read minds, she doesn't know that her mother never supported her dalliance with Eric and we're all the worse off for it.
Tags: deanna versus having a clue, deanna vs mira

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