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Meet The Slacker

If Deanna is misrepresenting who her mother is and why she wants what she wants, it's extremely lucky for her that she has willing co-conspirators in her long-term plan to jab her thumb in Mira's eye. As by way of example, let's examine why it is we had to deal with a big, sham wedding in the first place: Mike is too damned lazy mentally to cope with the idea of having to interact with Deanna's aunt and proposed that they live together like his uncle did for years on end. This led to her simpering that it was a step she would never take.

This should have warned Michael that Deanna was someone to avoid but we have to deal with the poison in Michael's soul: the belief that having to do something that doesn't interest him or that might benefit someone else is a terrible thing imposed upon him by people who want to destroy the boy they clearly hate. He thus started to see Mira as yet another authority figure waging war on his doing whatever he felt like doing. What makes narcissism into a bigger tragedy is that like almost all people who resent being told what to do, Mike has all the initiative of a tub of manure. He needs to be told what to do and stood over to make sure he does it but he can't admit it.

Also, given what failed to raise him, it's not really any sort of surprise that he sees any sort of gift as a bad thing. Deanna rejects her mother's generosity because she's a willful brat who hates admitting that her mom isn't Ungoliante, Primal Devourer Of All Light because she once told her that the Patterson boy might look 'free' but he's actually the sitcom cautionary example of the 'free' kid whose parents are jerks. Mike rejects her generosity because it reminds him that he's not very good at anything and has to be propped up by other people. As I'll get to next, he has help believing that.
Tags: mike patterson: invertebrate, mike versus mira

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