dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Ingrate.

As I have said before, it irritates me that Mike is stupid enough to believe that a mother in law's generosity is a bad thing that diminishes him. In my estimation, a good friend would disabuse him of this notion. A good friend would tell him "Shut up and take the win, you moron!" because watching a friend let his vanity get in the way of living his life hurts like cutting yourself open. Sadly, Mike doesn't have good friends. Mike has Patterson friends like Jo Weeder who use a stranger as a sort of voodoo doll in his pointless vendetta with his dad.

This is because Weeder Senior is equipped with things that his son lacks: an awareness of the world in which he lives and the need to make sure that his beloved son does not want for anything. He knew genuine hardship in his life and wanted to make sure his son did not. The good thing is that Weed has never known real suffering. The bad thing is also that Weed has never known real suffering and has thus become that irritating figure known as the trust fund kid pissing all over the work ethic that allows him to play-act at being a struggling artist. He can't touch his dad but he can sure make things hard for a proxy by getting his chump friend to play silly buggers. This means that when Mike behaves stupid, not only is Deanna wringing her hands in pea-brain concern, Weed is being a cheerleader for swinish loutishness.
Tags: weed: universal infant

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