dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Loving an illusion

It seems obvious that Anthony has never met the real Elizabeth Patterson in his life. He has this mental image of a sweet, naive little girl who needs to be rescued from an endless array of bad guys who want to exploit her innocence for their own nefarious ends. The problem with his need to play hero is that she's not really anything like that. He has no idea how selfish, how capricious Liz can be. For instance, he has no idea that she used Warren to make Paul jealous one fine day and more or less set things up so that he'd try to blacken his rival's name. Hell, she wouldn't even admit that she'd turned them into mortal enemies. Nor does he realize that she treated Paul like dirt while expecting him to just suck it up and move where she wanted him to. We're currently dealing with the after-effects of her attentino-seeking behavior: her refusal to give Warren a straight-out no. We've also seen her refusal to see things from the point of view from people who've offended her. In short, his delicate little blossom is a grade-A, backstabbing bitch with a heart filled spite, malice and envy. We could look forward to a future wherein his discovery of that sad fact sickens him if he weren't actively trying to deny it. Deanna is much the same way. She, too, will not see that the Perfect Patterson she married only exists in her head. It seems sad that both people destroyed their chances at happy lives so they could spend their days living in a fantasy but since life isn't permanent, it's not that sad.
Tags: lizthony

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