dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Rube

One of the more irritating things about John is his propensity to lecture people about subjects about which he is abysmally ill-informed. I still remember the pious noodle jabbering about how Becky is Setting Herself Up For A Life Of Disappointment Because I Don't Have The Stamina Or Skill To Play A Musical Instrument Plus Also My Singing Voice Sounds Like I'm Being Garroted With Barbed Wire So I Know What A Trap The Music Industry Is and his shaking his head in idiot disbelief because since he hated writing essay questions because they 'muss up his mind' by making him question things that 'everyone' knows, Mike can't possibly actually enjoy something that he himself doesn't.

When one accompanies it with his nitwit belief to believe that Anthony is totally blameless in the collapse of his starter marriage because 'everyone' knows that babies make women nest unless there's something 'wrong' with them, it's easy to see that John The Stupid Train Fuck is that commonplace irritant known as a rube. He has the rube's tendency to scoff at things that he should be impressed by because he thinks that intellectual cowardice and pea-brained sloth deserve the name practicality. He's never said much about his son's mother in law but since he's kind of biased against anyone who disrupts his psychic comfort, you can be sure that he thinks that the woman needs to settle for whatever Fate feels like giving her. This is because like a lot of yokels and ding-dongs, he wants to deny the existence of the privilege that works in his favor. He tells himself that things aren't arranged to make his life easier so he doesn't have to feel the pain of the people he runs over.
Tags: john patterson: confused philosopher

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