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Meet The Credit To Her People.

While it's true that John and Elly were content to loathe Mira from a distance, it's not like the lazy twits were actually going to disrupt their precious routine to visit Mike regularly. For some reason, the dreary nitwits view having to travel to someone else's home as being cruelly summoned by a capricious tyrant who sees them as defeated supplicants. This necessitated the presence of someone who enabled and worshiped Deanna's pea-brained immaturity and Mike's lunk-headed sloth: Lovey Saltzmann.

The reason that the grotesque ethnic joke was seen as a loving and wise figure is that she spouted bromides about standing around like a lump letting stupid kids do whatever fool thing they wanted in the name of 'freedom' and also let Deanna run away from the scary children she's too squishy inside to cope with. Lynn's readers might buy the load of old cobblers Lovey spouted but normal people tend to give bullshit its right name.

Well, there's that and the fact that she didn't hold Mike to the lease his dimwit parents told him to fear and hate because Elly and John think that it sounds too much like 'leash'. Mike is the Tenant From Hell but you can't tell her that because he made her feel good about being a shitty landlady.
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