dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Pub Bore

I should think that a lot of Elly's problems in life stem from the fact that the father she venerates is not really worth the slobbering over he is the beneficiary of. Up until the last few years of the strip, what we got when he came into the picture is a crusty old fart grumbling about the evils of change and how awful it is that life and culture move on and leave the intellectually lazy in the dust. Rosie The Riveter made him piss himself because she meant that he isn't actually necessary. Technology he can't understand is horrible because it requires him to live in a world where his old skills don't mean as much. Enduring children is a burden because he is the one who has to adapt to his children's behaviour instead of the other way around.

What this means is that he's not really going to give two shits about the emotional needs of anyone who tries to break through his self-pity capsule and force him to worry about things that aren't about how his life stinks. It also means that anyone foolish enough to do so is going to get a lecture about how since he was shot at by Germans once, it doesn't matter worth a damn that someone wants to be part of the magic wedding that media imagery and her own emotional needs make her desire. It also means that the granddaughter that looks up to him is going to further betrayed by adults aimed at sabotaging her ability to function in the adult world.
Tags: chinnuts is stoopid too.

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