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Meet The Human Shield.

The very distressing thing about the Great Big Sham Wedding is that as far as anyone knows, Liz has no God-damned idea that she took part in a sham wedding meant to placate someone everyone held in contempt. This is where the rest of Team Mean's inability to understand that an action has consequences blew up in their face. It's also where their inability to understand that you actually have to tell people something for them to understand what you mean led to an avoidable screw-up.

This is because Liz came away with the impression that the only reason Mike and Deanna got married was to keep Deanna's mother quiet. She overheard her parents talking about how irrational the other woman was making a fuss because she didn't know that the fuss was about finding out that they'd eloped. Since she didn't know why Mira was irrational and learned the wrong lesson from her mother squawking about Phil shacking up with Georgia (namely that he should be disowned for doing something she didn't have the guts to do), she assumed a fact that is not in evidence. Not even Elly's passive "never say what you mean" bleating made her realize that Mommy didn't hold with her playing house. Since she didn't realize that her parents expected her to sit on folded hands waiting for Anthony, a whole lot of crap happened to her and not even marrying him can make her parents look at her the same way again. Not, of course, that they see themselves as having caused this.
Tags: a victim is liz, child rearing disasters, john and elly fail parenting forever

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