dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Distraction

You know what's the irritating thing about Lynn's half-hearted commitment to diversity? I'll tell you: her using things she doesn't really believe that strongly as a bludgeon to clobber people she wants to feel superior to. The most pungent take on that is when she turned Mira into a mindless, hateful religious bigot in order to score points off of her.

It matters not that most of what Lawrence is there for is to have the Pattersons congratulate themselves on tolerating a baffling deviant who they refuse to really understand, Mira has to be made to look like a creep because she actually believes in Catholic doctrine like a brainwashed fool. If only her beliefs were as nebulous and ultimately self-serving as Lynn's or the Pattersons'. Also, if only Deanna weren't determined to humiliate and defame her mother for wanting to have a thing she herself doesn't value.
Tags: lawrence: cosmic plaything

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